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  • $6.99


    Plain basmati rice cooked to its perfection.

  • $19.99


    Uyghur style juicy meat pie filled with minced beef, onion, and bell pepper, pan-fried to perfection.

  • $7.99


    House brewed traditional sweet milk tea, best with Naan bread or dessert.

    $26.99 / $36.99


    • 2 Servings - $26.99
    • 4 Servings - $36.99

    Spicy chicken, potatoes, garlic and ginger braised in traditional Uyghur spices served with hand-pulled flat noodles.

    Add extra noodles 5.99

  • $4.99


    1 slice of cake made with three kinds of chocolate topped with pistachio.

  • $7.99


    Sauteed beef, chick peas in tomato paste spiced with added dried lime and potato fries pieces (No rice)

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What Our Clients Say


18:27 24 Sep 22
There aren’t many non-Mediterranean halal restaurants in San Diego so this one was a great find. It’s run by a wonderful family with exceptional service and excellent food. We tried the spicy fried noodles and the beef dumpling appetizer. Portion sizes are good and flavor was perfect. If you’re worried about spice level, they will adjust for you on request.
Griffen StappGriffen Stapp
18:02 21 Aug 22
This hole in the wall place is one you won’t forget. Ever wanted to try a very different kind of food?Uyghur style is one you have been missing out on.While getting a hair cut in the area, we stumbled upon this place by chance. We even did some research to see what kind of food they offer, and after one look we knew we wanted to try it.The inside is quaint, and they have QR codes to order from at the table. Everything is plates that can be shared, which is a great thing to do, the more the merrier!We ordered a few potatoe and lamb dishes, pumpkin dumplings, a green been dish, and a beer and onion dish. Wow these dishes were fantastic, tasty, and addicting (we wanted more!). We had some hot milk tea they had, and we definitely recommend that. We finished up with honey cake, a great way to close out. This is definitely a place you bring 4-6 people to, try a bit of everything. The service is good and they check in on your repeatedly.Check this hidden taste out!
Nada ElSabryNada ElSabry
04:25 19 Jul 22
A very cozy restaurant and serves halal food. We liked the nice vibes and the decoration of the uyghur culture.We loved almost all the dishes we tried. They came quickly and hot, they were rich in flavors! Prices are moderate.They have a section for desserts.The staff are very friendly.
Crystal KamadaCrystal Kamada
01:18 25 Feb 22
Kroran is the only Uyghur restaurant in San Diego, and the cuisine is similar to other Turkic or Central Asian cuisine from Uzbekistan or Kazakhstan.Since it had been awhile, we went all out. We got the spicy noodles with beef, which are hand-pulled for a wonderful chewy texture. We couldn't pass up the plov (aka pilaf, polo, pulao) with lamb, which is rice cooked in spices and meat juices and just packed with flavor. We also tried the cold bean curd, which is actually mung bean jelly with a firm texture mixed with chilies in a vinegar sauce, pretty refreshing. And last we got the manta, which are beef dumplings flavored with lots of black pepper and served with chili oil. I took some of the leftover yogurt that had been served with the plov and added it to the manta with chili oil and it was 🔥Kroran is considering opening for lunch again soon, so I hope we'll be able to visit more often. They are an awesome spot for a nice dinner though, especially if you like lamb or eat halal ❤
Maryam ShahidMaryam Shahid
20:05 30 Aug 21
Service is fast and everyone is sweet and friendly. Food is a bit different, my family wasn’t used to it. I had the goosh naan which was absolutely delicious. Also had the milk tea which was sweet and yummy. The lamb dish is super spicy. Only my father was able to eat that (he loves spices), we also got some noodles and I think one other dish. And a cookie. I give it 4/5 stars. If you asked the rest of my Desi family though they weren’t the biggest fans of the cuisine.